Recently my first pull request to Bitcoin Core got merged. It wasn’t any critical change to the protocol but was a small added functionality to the testing framework, which can occasionally be useful for the developers. This completed one of my personal milestones since I started my journey with Bitcoin, on 26th October 2017. I succinctly remember the date and even the exact time when all of it started, simply because of the impact it had on me. Since then my journey down the rabbit-hole has led me into explorations of subjects that were never part of any conceivable career…

* Inside Input and Output structures
* Basic of Script mechanism
* Step by step of P2PK
* Step by step of P2PKH
* Glimpse at advanced contracting in Bitcoin

Script is a programming language designed along with the Bitcoin protocol by Satoshi Nakamoto. Unlike traditional programming language, it doesn’t have formal grammar and syntax instead, its a simple list of operations, and their definitions are written in the same C++ source code as the Bitcoin Protocol. The Script programming language is used for verifying transactions in the network. But this simple and primitive programming language opens up the…

* Details of the Blockchain structure
* Details of the Transaction structure
* UTXO vs Account-Balanace Model

Many words and idioms surrounding Bitcoin doesn’t always make obvious sense. Some words mean something else than what they might suggest at first glance. Some don’t create any impression on the reader’s mind when they first hear about it, precisely because they never existed before in the English dictionary. They are purely constructed from the design terminologies of the Bitcoin system. Sometimes rather technical word sticks around in common lingo due to lack of better alternatives.

One such word is…

* History of Schnorr
* ECDSA Deep Dive
* Schnorr in Detail
* Benefits of Schnorr

“Bitcoin is nothing more than a chain of digital signatures”
- Citadelian Proverb

The Bitcoin system, or in general any cryptographic currency has to revolve around the concept of digital signatures. The Blockchain ledger encodes the ownership of some kind of digital assets. Unlike the traditional notion of ownership, where it is enforced through legal documents and physical signatures, in digital currency, ownership is proved by a chunk of digital data. …

People who joined the crazy world of Bitcoin near the end of 2017, have been bombarded by the word SegWit as they peeked through the rabbit hole. The end half of 2017 was one the most critical year in Bitcoin’s history. It concluded the biggest consensus battle ever played in the ecosystem, and SegWit was the product, along with top quality social drama. It was not just an event; it was a saga. A community-wide intense techno-political debate that raged for more than three years, and finally concluded with a split of the Bitcoin ecosystem. It not only divided the…

Since the beginning of this decade when Bitcoin was conceived to be the first viable deployment of a decentralized monetary network, a world of mathematical cryptographic magic has opened up in front of us. This world of magic comprises of obscured number theory tricks and theorems which are slowly but steadily, becoming the foundation of a new age “trustless” world financial system. A system that is independent of winds of geopolitics and human interventionism, and performs like harmonious clockwork. It has been ticking for the last 11 years. Those who have already got the smell of it and sniffed their…

Rajarshi Maitra

Independent Bitcoin and Lightning Network observere learner and educator.

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